Radiologist guide for BrainSee orders

1.  Acquire brain MRI sequences with your standard protocol(s), as you would otherwise do in the absence of BrainSee.

2.  Provide your routine reporting of the acquired sequences, as you would otherwise do in the absence of BrainSee.

3.  In addition to your routine sequences, acquire a “quantitative”, non-contrast, T1-weighted brain MRI with the following specifications:

  • 3D, T1-weighted
  • Non-contrast
  • 1 mm isotropic resolution
  • Either 1.5 Tesla or 3 Tesla


4.  Unless specifically requested by the referring physician, no quantitative analysis is required by the imaging center on the additional, high-resolution 3D T1 sequence that was acquired. BrainSee will take care of it.

5.  Provide a copy of all brain MRI scan files (DICOM) to the patient or the referring physician, on CD, DVD, or flash drive, or through your physician portal.

6.  If the referring physician requests that you upload the patient’s DICOM files directly to the BrainSee platform, contact us to set up your direct access portal.